rmcc's social equity incubator program

Each year RMCC provides $50,000 in compliance and operations education to current social equity licensed cannabis business owners. The incubator program is currently open with 5 seats remaining

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michael, michigan operator 

"RMCC’s certification is proving to be of unimaginable value. As a social equity operator, the program has provided legitimacy and a knowledge base that I believe would have otherwise taken years to learn. The self-paced study and the accessibility to instructors seem tailor-made for an operator in my position. This incubator program allows me to manage both business and education in a healthy and efficient manner."

kim, california operator

"Promised Lands Farms passed our DCC on-site inspection with flying colors! I'm incredibly grateful for the guidance and expertise of RMCC. I could not have done it without your support and always answering my questions quickly. It was such a relief knowing I'm in good hands with RMCC's coaching and online training." 

behind the scenes on a coaching session

Watch a short clip from one of the coaching sessions with industry experts across the country. 


social equity incubator

$2,000 incubator discount

  • 1-year access to one operation-specific foundational self-led course and program materials 
  • 3-months of support with coaching and unlimited review of business documentation 
  • Custom operational roadmap in the "done with you" incubator program 
  • Free access to compliance software, ProCanna
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meet your coach

BriAnne Ramsay is a highly esteemed industry veteran with extensive experience in the cannabis space. With a successful track record of overseeing and scaling a Denver-based vertically integrated cannabis business, she has demonstrated her expertise and leadership in the industry. BriAnne is widely recognized for her exceptional ability to optimize cannabis business operations through efficient systems and processes, driving increased productivity and profitability.

Currently, as the owner of two cannabis consulting firms, BriAnne continues to make a significant impact in the industry. She is renowned for her expertise in building stronger compliance teams, utilizing her renowned Launch Package method to ensure businesses meet and exceed regulatory standards. Her ability to expedite the implementation of custom compliance programs has provided businesses with a competitive edge and a solid foundation for success.

Furthermore, BriAnne's dedication to fostering growth in the cannabis consulting sector is evident through her online business accelerator. By leveraging her extensive knowledge and proven strategies, she has consistently propelled the success of numerous cannabis consultants' businesses, driving their growth and facilitating their path to success.

BriAnne Ramsay is a trusted authority in the cannabis industry, renowned for her expertise in optimizing cannabis business operations through efficient systems and processes, as well as expediting the implementation of custom compliance programs. Her contributions and achievements continue to shape the landscape of compliance, operations, and business growth within the cannabis space.

Review BriAnne's LinkedIn profile here. 

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