foundational to intermediate retail compliance training with an actionable framework anyone can implement

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Don't risk building the plane while flying it ... when RMCC has already built the plane! Your "battle-tested" blueprint for expediting Metrc implementation to ongoing operational compliance is here. In this 16+ hour course, RMCC walks you through step-by-step implementing Metrc, tagging packages, submitting sales transactions, transferring, and proven operational best practices to standardize and scale your dispensary or delivery service within the regulatory framework.

"With frequent changes to cannabis laws, we needed help prioritizing what to do, when and how to maintain our compliance standards. RMCC provided METRC training and has gone above and beyond to respond to last-minute questions; all the while supporting Flatbed Ridge Farm’s customized compliance needs. We would be lost without RMCC - they’re worth every cent!”

- linda, owner of flatbed ridge farms, california


by the end of the foundational course, you will be able to...


Expedite implementation time into your operation and anticipate additional labor costs due to Metrc compliance.


Eliminate compliance risk through RMCC's proven best practices.  


Accelerate your team's compliance skills & build a compliant framework.


Check your knowledge! Gain confidence through self-quizzes. 

you're not alone.

Cannabis businesses and their teams lack the clarity, knowledge, and confidence in fitting your operation and technology within the regulatory framework. Through RMCC's proven methods, we make operating compliantly more clear. Does this sound like you?

You're a compliance officer, inventory manager, owner, or accountant feeling overwhelmed with implementing a compliant framework & inventory control procedures in your dispensary or delivery service?

You don’t have the time or staff to make critical mistakes that ultimately cost your business profits.

You lack the knowledge of developing your SOPs and training your team on the compliant workflows to operate Metrc & your Metrc-integrated point-of-sale compliantly.

You are fearful of the unknown and need a "seer of the tea leaves" to support your Metrc and compliance operations journey.

now, imagine in 2 short weeks...

  • You have successfully implemented Metrc saving hundreds of hours of labor cost. 
  • You have gained the confidence to train and lead your team through any compliance and inventory challenges. 
  • You smoothly transitioned your operations from a non-metrc to metrc record retention. 
  • You have a clear plan for how to operate within your regulatory framework. 
  • You're fearlessly adapting to the new daily operations while building a culture of compliance. 
  • you're scaling your business or operation through efficient procedures and verification automation.
  • You are 5-steps ahead of other cannabis businesses with the foresight to proactively implement a compliant framework, resulting in making more money with less effort and gaining the freedom to focus on the aspects of your business that you love the most. 
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“The evolving landscape of cannabis compliance can be overwhelming, but RMCC’s knowledgeable team easily distills the latest regulatory changes & counseled us on smart strategies for navigating the next steps. Enhancing our proprietary seed-to-sale tracking software to be METRC compliant would not have been possible without the expert team at RMCC. Our return on investment with RMCC has come back tenfold.”

“We provide cannabis processing, manufacturing, & distribution all within our campus where there are specialized compliance needs at each step in the supply chain. Brie and her team of compliance experts at RMCC have been instrumental in streamlining our regulatory & policy functions, while also helping to expand our support to the sustainable cannabis community. The RMCC team has worked alongside our internal team to efficiently & effectively manage the needs of our partners and our customers.”

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4-phase blueprint to comprehensive retail & delivery metrc compliance

A foundational self-led online course that expedites implementing an operational framework for dispensaries and delivery services. This foundational to intermediate retail compliance accelerator steps you through each Metrc touch-point, workflows, common mistakes, and actionable operational safeguards to prevent risks from occurring.


phase one

Expedite implementation time into your operation and anticipate additional labor costs due to Mertc compliance.

phase two

Accelerate your team's compliance skills & build a compliant framework.

phase three

Identify common operational mistakes Metrc-integrated technology platforms can't save you from.

phase four

Eliminate compliance risk through RMCC's proven best practices.  

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sleep easy at night, here are the safeguards you need to standardize and scale your cannabis business

You need a roadmap to implement Metrc and project the labor cost to run your business compliantly today or risk losing profits.

You need the answers now on how your Metrc-integrated technology solution will impact your Metrc compliance and immediately identify these risks before they compound.

You need a training plan with employee roles to pinpoint how your business will drastically change while adapting to Metrc workflows.

after your team completes this retail complete guide course...

Your team will walk away with confidence in their ability to implement operational compliant best practices and you can rest easy knowing your operation has the building blocks and procedures in place to scale and grow when the time is right.

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operation-specific compliance training

Retail Course



Foundational to advanced training for growers.

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Distribution Course



30+hours of foundational to advanced training for distributors.

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35+ hours of foundational to advanced training for extractors.

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"Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting offers professional support to Cannabis Manufacturers looking to both expand, as well as protect themselves in an ever-changing market. We are so grateful for the work they did with us in Colorado in helping shape and protect our National Brand."

“Clients choose to carry Heavy Hitters cannabis retail products because of our commitment to the highest quality concentrates in the industry. We strongly value these partnerships and thanks to RMCC, we are able to serve as a trusted resource on retailer cannabis compliance. The on-site visit conducted by Brie and Rose provided valuable insight to how we can improve and expand our METRC compliance support to Heavy Hitters retail partners.”

"I have researched and hired six compliance companies here in Colorado, even some of the most well-known law firms, in the last four years. Not one of them even come close to RMCC, this is the pure truth, no hype, no bullshit. RMCC’s attention to detail and thoroughness is beyond compare. BriAnne & her team makes for an amazing and powerful partner for your business.”

"As Production Manager with Om Edibles, I am given the honor of taking exceptional recipes for our edibles, tinctures, and body products and keeping them consistent in quality and milligrams, along with the responsibility to track those milligrams in Metrc. As the first California licensee to implement METRC we are so grateful for RMCC’s knowledgeable team, and their eye for detail, to move through these ever-evolving compliance regulations. We at Om Edibles enjoy working with the RMCC team because they make compliance FUN!"

"Part of Flow Kana's commitment to the small farms from which it sources flower includes a robust training program to help farms reach competency with METRC. In 2018 Flow Kana engaged RMCC to execute this program, including workshops, webinars, and on-site trainings with over 30 farms. Farmers later rated this program as the most successful of Flow Kana's farmer support programs by a large margin via survey. As the person who manages these programs on Flow Kana's side, I can tell you that BriAnne and RMCC are impressively agile and wonderfully responsive amidst a constantly changing regulatory climate."


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