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holly, compliance officer

"With the knowledge I've gained from RMCC's 100-hour program I hope to settle in with the right company and direct a large-scale Post-Harvest crew where I can implement new workflows and processes I learned from RMCC. Everything from drying, curing, bud manicuring, until it's bagged and tagged and sold will be traceable, efficient, organized and fun!"

michael, michigan operator 

"RMCC’s certification is proving to be of unimaginable value. As a social equity operator, the program has provided legitimacy and a knowledge base that I believe would have otherwise taken years to learn. The self-paced study and the accessibility to instructors seem tailor-made for an operator in my position. This incubator program allows me to manage both business and education in a healthy and efficient manner."

kim, california operator

"Promised Lands Farms passed our DCC on-site inspection with flying colors! I'm incredibly grateful for the guidance and expertise of RMCC. I could not have done it without your support and always answering my questions quickly. It was such a relief knowing I'm in good hands with RMCC's coaching and online training."