ready to accelerate the implementation of your compliance program?

(and get your time back by working together one-on-one at your facility)

in just 6 months, have a โ€œdone for youโ€ comprehensive compliance program in your cannabis business without operational chaos and team burnout.ย ย 


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does this sound like you? 

  • Have you tried hiring a compliance manager but they still have not implemented an auditing framework?

  • Are you struggling to keep employees even though you’ve re-hired the same position multiple times, wasting valuable resources?

  • Are you sick of second-guessing if your team is staying compliant but you have no idea how to determine or measure your compliance risk?

  • Maybe you’re stuck in the fear phase, and nothing is working anymore.

  • Maybe you’re currently learning what the daily duties of a compliance manager really mean but feel totally overwhelmed and lost in the paperwork.

  • Maybe you’ve already tried to implement a compliance program, but you need the team to actually follow your system without sacrificing your time.

Sometimes you wonder if this is even possible for you… You know having a fully functional, working compliance program will create more space to be proactive rather than reactive in your cannabis business but you also know it’s not as easy as it looks.   

now, imagine in 6 short months you are...

โœ… You felt totally confident in your team and internal compliance process so you could finally focus on growing your cannabis business.

โœ… You knew how to identify red flags in your cannabis business before they compound into bigger problems. You no longer have that feeling of "something isn't right, but I don't know what isn't right".

โœ… You had the exact steps to implement operational safeguards and feel confident you will pass any inspection forever.

โœ… You never have to struggle with another compliance violation again because you how to quickly identify violations in your business before they compound into larger problems.

โœ… You mastered the ability to proactively protect the business and see real results in your compliance program.

If you want to make this your reality, the Launch package is your blueprint to achieve all of this and more. Join us for an exclusive 1:1 intensive where you’ll learn everything you need to build, implement, and train a compliance program with our 3-phase method and get your time back to focus on the aspects of your business you love the most. 

BriAnne, RMCC's CEO, on-site with Humboldt cultivator, John Casali of Huckleberry Hill Farms.ย 

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cannabis businesses

Who have successfully implemented our Launch Package.

introducing, the launch package...

  • The launch package is an on-site “done for you” partnership to implement a comprehensive compliance program in your cannabis business within 6-months.

  • Regardless if you are launching a new business or have been operational for years, the Launch package is here give you the blueprint to create compliant internal procedures, train your team on the new systems, and protect the business without creating operational chaos and team burnout.

  • And most importantly, we’re here to give your time back and empower your team with a proven system that has been implemented into “mom and pop” businesses to multi-state operators.

  • You’ll learn absolutely everything you need to know about creating a comprehensive compliance program through our detailed documentation system and get all of the on-site and online support you need with one-to-one customized consulting.
  • What most people get wrong about creating a compliance program is that you have to have a robust team or complex technology systems, which is why we have a proven framework to reduce employee turnover and streamline operations. We get results. 
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here is how it works... 


The truth is, you don’t need a complex ERP system or siloed operations and compliance departments to stay compliant in your cannabis business! All you need to unlock a streamlined and compliant business is our 3-phase internal auditing process proven to protect any cannabis business while reducing employee turnover.

phase 1: identify


On-site comprehensive business, operations, and compliance assessment.

Deliverable: Risk Assessment + Compliance Plan the roadmap for the next year. Compliance plans are only provided in the Launch Package.

phase 2: customize

The risk assessment and compliance plan drives phase two. Your team will begin the RMCC's compliance operations certification program and RMCC creates your custom operating plan based on the compliance risks identified in phase one.

Deliverable: Customized standard operating procedures with playbooks and completion of RMCC's online compliance operations certification.

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phase 3: implement

In-depth on-site team training to be successful long-term without RMCC.

Deliverable: Finalize assessment of the operation, implementation of the operating plan, and advanced compliance training for management.

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we’ve helped tons of cannabis professionals

(just like you)...


Compliance Officer, California

Problem: A lack of confidence in building a compliance program and little team structure with accountability. 

Solution: Comprehensive compliance training, operating plan development, training plan creation, and coaching ever step of the way. 

Her result: Getting her time back by expediting the implementation and expansion of her compliance program to grow her team's skills to be even better leaders.


CPA & Consultant, Michigan

Problem: Waited 3 years to gain help in understanding compliant workflows across all operation types across the supply chain and how to audit Metrc with financial records, inventory cycle counts, and instilling accountability in the operation.

Solution: One-on-one coaching with self-directed online compliance training and a comprehensive self-aptitude test to expose any gaps in the operation and consulting services.

His result: After 3-short months in the program, Ken received the answers he needed to better understand the complexities behind cannabis compliance and its impact regarding inventory workflows and controls, tax, and accounting compliance while gaining more clients across the supply chain.


Compliance Officer, California

Problem: Seeking trusted, hands-on knowledge to accelerate her cannabis compliance career. 

Solution: Received support and guidance on how to build, implement, and train a team with compliant workflows while building a compliance program for a newly licensed grow.

Her result: Receive a salary increase and a new role as the compliance officer for a large grow and processing facility.


Dispensary Owner, California

Problem: The Libra team was overwhelmed with multiple software migrations and implementations with a high employee turnover.

Solution Company-wide audit, team training, and operation infrastructure build out with operating plans, job descriptions, and training plans.

His result: A streamlined cannabis business while expanding into new retail locations in Los Angeles (Hollywood), California.