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A 100-hour compliance business accelerator program expediting the implementation of an operational framework for cannabis businesses and consultants.  









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You’re an Owner, Managing Partner, or Controller of a cannabis business and you don’t have the time or staff to keep on making critical mistakes that are ultimately costing your business profits. 

You're a Compliance Officer, Operating Manager, or Inventory Manager overwhelmed with implementing a compliant framework in your operation. 

 You’re a Compliance or Metrc Consultant looking to validate your best practices and accelerate your consulting business to support more licensed operators in your community. 

You need to know how to fit your workflows within the regulatory framework and step-by-step instructions on how to build safeguards into the business.

You lack confidence in the insurmountable task of implementing a compliant framework and know that if you don’t clean up your inventory control and procedures today your license is at risk for violations, hefty fines, or license revocation. 

rmcc's 100-hour compliance operations certification is currently closed for enrollment.

This high-intensity program covers all operations across the supply chain.

Only certification prospects who join the waitlist will receive special pricing during the re-launch of the 100-hour certification. Join the waitlist today to be the first to apply.

*Please note: RMCC certifies only 100 individuals per calendar year. 

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Oversight with validation for all data management & compliance

Consistent Inventory Reconciliation Schedule

Structured onboarding training for your inventory team

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