$497.00 USD

How to Master Metrc Retail Audits 2023

 Why invest in your growth?

  • Instantly gain clarity on the actions you need to take immediately to get your Metrc account back into compliance with your state's rules.
  • Expedite the learning curve instead of trial and error your way through cleaning up your Metrc data (compliantly). 
  • Navigate at your own pace or jump directly to the knowledge you need to know now.
  • Audit templates included. Plug-and-play your data to save you hundreds of hours in cleaning your Metrc inventory. 
  • Receive continuous course updates for the entire year you have access to the course. 

What People Are Saying:

My team and I have been continuously working with RMCC since the beginning of 2020. We have been through the gauntlet of two POS & ERP migrations with implementations, a Metrc clean-up across all licenses, changes in workflows with team accountability, and overall infrastructure build-out through RMCC's Launch Package and online certification program. Today, we are a completely different operation than two years ago. It's easy to say we would not be in such a streamlined, organized, and efficient operation if it weren't for BriAnne’s compliance, operations, and technical expertise in the cannabis industry.

Brad, Owner

RMCC’s operation-specific training is proving to be of unimaginable value. As a social equity operator, the program has provided legitimacy and a knowledge base that I believe would have otherwise taken years to learn. The self-paced study and the accessibility to instructors seem tailor-made for an operator in my position. This incubator program allows me to manage both business and education in a healthy and efficient manner.

Michael, Owner & Consultant

I established my company in 2019 through the help of numerous previous consultants. My business had multiple entities operating out of my license, and I knew something was wrong with my inventory control and operating procedures. The fear of the unknown kept me up at night. BriAnne was the first consultant to get my business back on track with compliance, operations, and inventory control through establishing job positions, operating procedures, and online training. Over the past year, BriAnne has been an asset and safety net to my business through quarterly audits. Now I can sleep easily knowing my business is protected through RMCC.

Rooz, Owner