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How to Master Metrc Audits 2024 (Course Bundle & Save)

Bundle & Save!

Buy 3 courses, and get the 4th one free for all operation tracks (cultivation, retail, manufacturing, and transportation). *The bundled discount is included in the price on this page. 


What differentiates RMCC's course from Metrc's training? 

 When you complete Metrc's training, you will find the training only details what buttons to click in the system. The training does not train you how to stay in compliance with the system, your state's rules, and (most importantly) how to operate efficiently through all the hurdles. This is where RMCC's online courses and programs step in. We interpret the gray area between compliance, operations, and technology while providing you the tools to expedite the implementation of Metrc, inventory control, auditing techniques, and operating best practices.

What is included in the course? 

  • Instantly gain clarity on the "gray areas" in Metrc, compliance, operations, and inventory control that you won't find in any other Metrc training.
  • Expedite the learning curve saving your business hours of trial & error with pre-built templates and inventory operating plans. 
  • Navigate at your own pace or jump directly to the knowledge you need to know now.
  • Receive one year of access with continuous state-specific updates the entire year you have access to the course. 

What People Are Saying:

Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting offers professional support to Cannabis Manufacturers looking to both expand, as well as protect themselves in an ever-changing market. We are so grateful for the work they did with us in Colorado in helping shape and protect our National Brand.

Courtney, Co-Founder of Manufacturing Lab

With frequent changes to cannabis laws, we needed help prioritizing what to do, when and how to maintain our compliance standards. RMCC provided METRC training and has gone above and beyond to respond to last-minute questions; all the while supporting Flatbed Ridge Farm’s customized compliance needs. We would be lost without RMCC - they’re worth every cent!

Linda, Owner of a Cultivation Farm

I established my company in 2019 through the help of numerous previous consultants. My business had multiple entities operating out of my license, and I knew something was wrong with my inventory control and operating procedures. The fear of the unknown kept me up at night. BriAnne was the first consultant to get my business back on track with compliance, operations, and inventory control through establishing job positions, operating procedures, and online training. Over the past year, BriAnne has been an asset and safety net to my business through quarterly audits. Now I can sleep easily knowing my business is protected through RMCC.

Rooz, Dispensary Owner