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The Complete Guide to Distribution Metrc Compliance 2023

 Why invest in your growth?

  • Instantly gain clarity on the "gray areas" in Metrc, compliance, operations, and inventory control.
  • Expedite the learning curve saving your business hours of trial & error.
  • Navigate at your own pace or jump directly to the knowledge you need to know now.
  • Receive continuous state-specific updates for the entire year you have access to the course. 

What People Are Saying:

The evolving landscape of cannabis compliance can be overwhelming, but RMCC’s knowledgeable team easily distills the latest regulatory changes and counseled us on smart strategies for navigating the next steps. Enhancing Flow Kana’s proprietary seed-to-sale tracking software to be METRC compliant would not have been possible without the expert team at RMCC. Our return on investment with RMCC has come back tenfold.

Sam, CPO

RMCC helped my manufacturing facility become more efficient and compliant by conducting detailed audits, employee training, and providing standard operating procedures. The RMCC staff has an eye for spotting inefficiencies in operations with exceptional communication skills to coach others around them.

Chris, CFO

Flow Kana provides cannabis processing, manufacturing, and distribution all within our campus where there are specialized compliance needs at each step in the supply chain. Brie and her team of compliance experts at RMCC have been instrumental in streamlining our regulatory and policy functions, while also helping to expand our support to the sustainable cannabis community. The RMCC team has worked alongside our internal team to efficiently and effectively manage the needs of our partners, our customers and farmers.

Michael, VP of Policy